4) The one with the burglary

23 Sep

It's been a week since I uploaded my last blog post...and there is a reason for that. Sadly this week, my flat got burgled and my MacBook was stolen as well as an iPad and another laptop both belonging to my flatmates. We are obviously pretty shaken up by this. On Friday, we had to spend most of the morning at the police station giving a formal statement of what had been taken, and after that the police sent their forensics team out to the flat to dust for fingerprints. Obviously, this is a pretty horrendous situation but we are feeling lucky because we know it could have been a lot worse. We were not in the flat when the burglary took place and we are all still alive and well.

Apart from that little hiccup, this last week has been mostly great.

Last Saturday evening, I went to a young adults BBQ run by the youth group in my new church and it was such a lovely evening spent with great company. On the Sunday, I went to church in the morning again and afterwards, I accidentally ended up gatecrashing a 24th birthday party...which was awkward at first, but turned out to be a great day.

What else happened this week?

I got attacked by an angry mob of 4 year olds in a P.E lesson. Don't laugh. It was quite possibly the most traumatic experience of my life. The whole thing culminated with me sitting on the ground against a pillar while one child tried to strangle me with a scarf, I had 4 children sitting on me, and all of them plus about another 4 were screaming "BABY, BABY!!" on repeat at meπŸ™ƒ

This week, the demonstrations for the extracurricular activities began, and the first of those was music (which was right up my street). There were two violin teachers, a piano teacher and a drummer who were demonstrating their instruments to try and encourage the children to take up music lessons. At the end they played "Despacito" and it was the highlight of my week, as all the children were singing along - it was simply precious!

Today, I went on a day trip to Toledo, which is in the region of Castilla La Mancha (another region of Spain ticked off my list!) I went with my two flatmates Molly and Anna, as well as Anna's boyfriend Naief who is over visiting for the weekend. The best part of the trip was that it was completely free thanks to the fabulous Madrid transport card!

Toledo was just beautiful, and it felt like the "real Spain". Such a massive contrast to the city life we have experienced so far in Madrid. The tiny cobbled streets, the breathtaking views and the wealth of culture around every corner. I even managed to walk part of the "Ruta de Don Quijote", which led to the most amazing viewpoint of the city!

Would you believe that we still don't have Wi-Fi!? I hate to rhyme on about this so much because I know I sound like such a millennial...BUT, it's been almost three weeks and it is really hard to survive without it in this day and age. I was told to stay home from school on Wednesday to wait for the internet technician to come, but he didn't show up. Apparently it will be installed this week...but as you can imagine, I don't have very high hopes for this.

I am so frustrated about the burglary because it really put a dampener on such a great week. I'm really trying not to let it ruin it though. One of the perks was that we got a three day weekend πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I feel like my Spanish (and my emotions) have been tested and pushed to the limits more than ever before. In a way, I am thankful that this has happened, because I know now how to report a crime, file a report and make an insurance claim...IN SPANISH. Surely that means it will be a lot easier in English if I ever get into trouble in the future!?

Honestly, do not worry about me!!!

Madrid is a lovely place and I am loving every minute of it. I am surrounded by lovely people, and I'm not going to let stupid thieves ruin my time here. Laptops can be replaced.

Hopefully this will be the end of the dramatic blog posts and thank you so much for journeying with me.


"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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